Preparing for Your Puppy

Preparing for Your Puppy

You've decided to get a Labradoodle puppy... now what?

Labradoodle and Baby

You need some essentials.

First, your Labradoodle needs a crate and crate mat or towel. Bring this when you pick up your puppy if you can. You don't want an accident in the car! Later, once your puppy is potty trained, get them a cozy blanket to put in the crate. At first your puppy will need to spend most of the day in this crate. Only take your puppy out to go to the bathroom and to play in a very supervised area. Purchase a crate that is adjustable so that it can grow as your puppy grows. Starting with a crate that is for a full grown Labradoodle gives your little puppy too much room to roam, which may end in an accident. As your puppy grows, adjust the crate a little at a time, giving them just enough room to turn around and lay down.

Next, make sure you have some puppy food on hand. If yours is different from what what we give you, make sure to slowly phase the new food in and the old food out. Changing food abruptly can cause your puppy's tummy to be upset.

Your puppy also needs a food bowl and water bowl.

A collar and leash are essential for potty training and leash training, so purchase these in anticipation of your puppy's arrival.

You need a good comb and/or brush. It is important to start brushing your puppy around 3 months so they get used to the activity. To read more about your Labradoodle's coat and how to care for it, read Labradoodle Coats.

To prevent your puppy from chewing on shoes and socks, get them a few toys to play with and keep occupied.

Lastly, make sure you have some type of cleaner for accidents. We recommend this, because it eliminates the enzymes that draw the puppy back to the same place to go to the bathroom again.