Double Doodle

What is a “Double Doodle”?

The Double Doodle is another hybrid “designer dog” that is know to be energetic, smart, and friendly. It also goes by another name, the Golden Labradoodle. They are the result of combining Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers, and Poodles. A double doodle is bred by crossing goldendoodle and a labradoodle. This breed has become very popular in the past few years due to their attractive looks and desirable personality traits. One major benefit of a Double Doodle is that they are typically quite healthy and often by-passed when it comes to the medical issues that their purebred parents face. They are less susceptible to purebred health concerns, however, they can develop any conditions the parent breeds can. Double Doodles come from a long line of wonderful family dogs that are gentle, affectionate, extremely sociable, super-trainable which typically results in great family pets. These pups are simply too adorable to resist and need to be treated with as much love and respect as humanly possible. However, there are some folks out there that a single Doodle just isn’t enough Doodle for them. They need a Double Doodle in their lives. Once you spend time learning about the nature of these absolutely stunning animals, it’ll be easy for you to understand why.

Double Doodle Appearance:

Double Doodle coat colors range from white to black, with every color in between. You may see the creamy color of a yellow lab, the brown color of a chocolate lab, and the golden color of a Golden Retriever as well as tuxedo, phantom, parti or abstract white markings.

Their coats range from straight to ultra-curly and can be a soft fleece, curly wool or whats known as a “hairy” coat.

Their face shape varies as they can have the wide boxy head or the narrow poodle looking snout/head. They commonly tend to have big eyes and wide snouts.

Double Doodles are normally 23-25 inches tall and weigh anywhere from 30-70 pounds.

Double Doodle Grooming:

The Double Doodle is known for its dense and longer coat that tends to shed very little if at all. The lack of shedding makes them great dogs to have in the house and a wonderful option for those who suffer dog allergies; however, it also means they require regular brushing to prevent knots and matting. Double Doodles should be brushed on a weekly basis to keep their coat clean and tangle free. Their coats will continue to grow out so occasional grooming is necessary to prevent their hair from obstructing vision or irritating their eyes and nostrils. They should also be bathed with gentle dog shampoos every few weeks. If Double Doodles are bathed too often or with harsh chemicals, their skin can dry out.

When bred correctly, these dogs are know to be “hypoallergenic”. Although, there is no 100 percent hypoallergenic pet dog, the Labradoodle and Goldendoodle hypoallergenic comparison delivers two dogs that come about as close as you can get to being hypoallergenic! The lack of shedding means these dogs are far less likely to trigger allergy symptoms. If you’re looking for a lovable companion that is almost 100% hypoallergenic, the Double Doodle, Labradoodle and the Goldendoodle all fit the bill.

Double Doodle Personality Traits:

Double Doodles are renowned for their gentle nature and how well they get along with children and even strangers. They are known to be extremely calm and patient and are considered great family pets for this very reason. Double Doodles are intelligent and friendly dogs that take well to training efforts and makes them an excellent candidate to be a working dog. Their attentive nature and gentle attitude make them great options for emotional support animals as well. They tend to do well with other dogs and enjoy spending time socializing with family and other animals.

Double Doodles can also make great watchdogs. The hunting background of all three parent breeds means they will likely bark at strangers. However, they are super sociable and don’t make great guard dogs. They tend to love everybody, and expect everybody to love them back. Double Doodles tend to be excellent with kids. However, both kids and dogs should always be taught how to interact properly with one another to avoid accidents or rough play getting out of hand.

Double Doodle Training:

The stunning Double Doodle is known as a highly intelligent dog that quickly picks up on commands and will likely require few repetitions. They take well to training with their intelligence and desire to please making them very obedient dogs. They are quick learners and respond well to treats and praise. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that training will be a breeze. Doodles need a strong pack leader, so establishing the family pecking order should be done when your pup is young. It’s important to establish your presence as the leader early. Consistency and patience are the two major keys to forming a strong bond and creating an amazing companion. Rewarding good behavior is the most effective method for training your dog to act properly and respond to commands. Dogs like to follow someone else’s lead when they can trust whoever is in charge.